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GreenTech is the global meeting place in horticulture technology. Come and meet us on 11, 12 or 13 June.
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Brexit is getting closer. Hagelunie continues business in UK regardless of the outcome. >> Read more

Screens for greenhouses already exist in fire retardant versions for several years.
Recently also fire retardant ground cover came available on the market.
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Recent observations amongst Hagelunie clients show an increase in the number of damages to a CHP closely after having the 30,000 hours revision or a big overhaul. At this stage no explicit reason is found but attention is needed
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Around october/november many crop seasons are in their final stages. Old crops are being removed, greenhouses cleaned and preparations for the new season are taking off. It might be tempting to tighten the crop wire. But be aware! This can have a devastating effect on your greenhouse. Read more >>

Sometimes you hear growers talking about swapping the load for snow for the load of crop gutters. After all: the largest load of crop and gutter will be in summertime and obviously there will be no snow in summer. Although the train of thought is not strange, this is a mistake! Read more >>

Insights are changing. Especially when we talk about the prevention of stormdamage. Recently conducted research tells us that greenhouses are significantly stronger when the air vents are closed during a storm. Read more >>

Modern glasshouses become taller and glass sheets are getting bigger. This makes the repair of broken roof glass more and more a challenge. Professionals are scarce or not available when you need them. What if you don’t want to depend on qualified professionals? Read more >>

Maintain a high light output by periodically checking and doing maintenance on your installation! As a result you also decrease the risk of igniting combustible screens. Read more >

Make sure that newly acquired screens are fire retardant. For existing screens we advise you to replace combustible screens by fire retardant screens (NTA 8825). Read more >

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